Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Family Movie Night: Jungle Book

         Looking around Pintrest I found a wonderful idea for family movie nights with the kiddies. I loved the thought of having a night of crafts, movies, && a themed dinner. My first try at this was on Sunday. I decided since none of the kids had saw "The Jungle Book" that would be the movie for our first night =]

I handed these printouts to the kids. It explained the themed dinner we would be having, as well as, their ticket into the movie

We set up the table ..... Plenty of crayons, markers, && glue to go around. The kids then started to color their hats && do their activity sheets. All while sipping on "Jungle Juice"

Now it was time for the food .....
Shere Khan's Meaty Pizza
Baloo's Bare Necessities Salad
Mowgli's Man Cub Pasta
&& Kaa's Garlic Knots

Yummmm =)

The kids had their tickets ready && were excited to watch it

Last but not least they got to enjoy dessert
King Louie's Banana Splits

And of course we needed a group photo of all of us that participated. The kids had fun but so did us grown ups. It was a great night full of memories && fun. We can't wait to do it again!

 We liked it soo much we already decided to do it again this weekend. We have chosen the movie of the night will be "Wreck it Ralph" since none of us have seen it. I must say it has been hard coming up with themed food ideas for a movie I haven't seen but I will figure it out. Til next time...


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