Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Movie Night: Wreck It Ralph

       We loved our Jungle Book movie night soo much, we have decided to do these more often. Since none of saw Wreck it Ralph && it had just came out on video - that was the one we were going to do next. I must say it was difficult to come up with a themed dinner based around a movie I hadn't even seen. I googled && wikipedia'ed the crap out of this movie so that I could come up with a neat menu for the kiddies. Like the last one.... we had a blast.

Glitch Burgers
Fix it Felix Fries
Wrecked Potato Salad
Sonic Mist to Drink
Cola Mountain Floats
w. Hero Cookies
It was extremely yummy... the kids dug right into their food =]
Arts N' Crafts Time
The kids colored pictures of the two main characters && then we all made our own Hero Medals
Showing off their medals && posing skills<3
My Princess && Me
The whole group
   Movie Time!!
       All in all, it was a great night again. We are thinking about doing Cinderella or Snow White for our next one. So lets hope that one goes as smoothly as these last two =]

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